Victim of theft during the Rugby World Cup

You are the victim of a non-violent theft and do not know the perpetrator. You can use a simplified procedure by following the steps described below.

Information updated on 9/18/23

 In case of emergency, call 112 or 17

You are victim of a simple theft(*), you can file a simplified complaint form

(*) Simple theft against X without violence or breaking and entering.

This could be : 

  • pickpocketing
  • theft of opportunity (an object left behind in a bar, cab, ...)
  • theft from a hotel room (without breaking and entering)
  • theft by more than one person

 Theft involving vehicle break-in is not possible, unless the vehicle has been left open.

1 - I download the simplified complaint form in the language of my choice

To fill in the document directly on your phone: use the file manager offered by your phone : on iPhone, open "Books", on Android, open "Google PDF Viewer" or "Google PDF Reader".

2 -  I complete and print the form

3 -I go to the police station

To see all the police stations closest to the competition venues, enlarge the map below using the arrow at the top left, then use the magnifying glass to select the points of interest of your choice.

Map showing police stations, stadiums and rugby villages.

I can also access all the police stations in France by clicking here

If you have questions

Whatever my situation, I can chat anonymously 24/7 with a police officer by clicking on the button at the bottom right of this screen.

See also

You are in a different situation

You can go to the guide for precise your situation to be oriented to the suitable service :

Image of the "guide yourself" page